FirstEnergy WARM Program

 CACLV administers FirstEnergy’s WARM Program in certain areas of Eastern PA including parts of Bucks, Northampton, Monroe, and Pike counties.

The goal of WARM is lower electric bills for low-income FirstEnergy customers. Customers who participate take an active role along with FirstEnergy and CACLV in reducing their electricity use.

FirstEnergy and CACLV work to identify improvements to the customer’s residence that will lead to lower electric bills. After studying a customer’s electricity usage and inspecting the home, a CACLV representative provides the customer with helpful information on how the customer may save electricity.

In addition, the CACLV representative identifies any services to the residence that the WARM program could provide to reduce electricity use. CACLV, working with FirstEnergy, then arranges to have the services completed. Examples of possible WARM services are insulation of attics and basements, caulking of air leaks that lead to higher heating costs, and insulation of hot water pipes. Compact florescent light bulbs or energy efficient appliances to replace appliances that are inefficient and use significant amounts of electricity could also be provided. WARM services are provided at no cost to the customer.

Customers whose electricity is delivered by FirstEnergy and whose income falls below 200% of the federal poverty level may be eligible for WARM. Both renters and homeowners may be eligible for WARM.

A customer’s electricity usage determines the type of WARM services that may be provided.  A customer who uses electric heat and has high usage would be eligible for more services than a customer who only uses electricity for lighting and minor electrical appliances.  However all customers can benefit from WARM measures and energy education and all are invited to apply for the program.

How to Apply
Would you like to become a partner with FirstEnergy and CACLV in an effort to reduce your electric bill? If you think you may be eligible for WARM and you live in one of the counties listed above, please contact CACLV at 484.893.1100 or FirstEnergy at 800.207.9276.