Frequently Asked Q&A

Frequently Asked Q&A

How do I stay in the OnTrack Program?

  • Pay the OnTrack payment amount in full each month by the due date.
  • Verify type of installed heat source with the OnTrack Customer Care Representative.
  • Notify the agency contact person if your situation changes.
  • Keep electric use at or below the usage amount before OnTrack enrollment.
  • Apply for and cooperate with WRAP (Winter Relief Assistance Program).
  • Apply for energy assistance LIHEAP/Crisis (if eligible).

What Happens If I Miss an OnTrack Payment?

  • At the first missed payment, the account enters the PPL collection process, which may result in loss of electric service.
  • PPL will send a letter to remind you that you missed an OnTrack payment(s).
  • To avoid loss of electric service and removal from the OnTrack Program, you must pay the missed OnTrack payment(s).

What If My Income Changes?
If you lose your job, or face a financial crisis, call your Customer Care Representative.

How Much Electricity Can I Use?

  • OnTrack¬†participants need to conserve electricity.
  • As part of OnTrack, someone will explain how your household can conserve energy and your home could be weatherized.
  • PPL pays the difference between your monthly OnTrack payment and the amount you actually owe each month (Program Benefits). There are limits on the amount that PPL can pay annually.
  • PPL will review your account and send a letter to let you know if you are getting close to your benefits limit.
  • If your electric has increased beyond your benefit limits, we may either increase your payment amount or remove you from OnTrack.
  • If you have changes in your household that may increase electric use, call your agency contact person to report the changes.

How Long Can I Stay in OnTrack?

  • If you reach these maximum benefits, PPL may remove you from OnTrack and you may re-apply 12-months from the date of your original OnTrack enrollment.
  • If you do not reach your maximum benefits, you may remain in the program long enough to pay your PPL debt as long as you make your OnTrack payments by the due date.¬† See table below for timeline.

Overdue Amount at Time of Enrollment Timeframe for Clearing Debt

Less than $1,000 12 months
$1,001 – $2,000 18 months
$2,001 – $3,000 24 months
More than $3,000 36 months